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    Taking advice...

    I often see people ask to see photos of other members before they will take advice from them. Granted, to a certain extent, you want the people giving you advice to be that 6' 300lb with 3%bf monster, that's overcome all odds. It isn't always the case.

    So who can you take advice from? Everybody. I'm not saying you have to listen to any idiot that comes along though. What I am saying is that other people may have a piece or two of knowledge that you don't. You don't judge the person, you judge the advice. That same monster mentioned above, might be the one telling you that weights are the devil and the treadmill is the secret to building big arms.

    I've taken advice from ranges of different people. Marathon runners, sprinters, powerlifters, olympic lifters. None of them really have the type of body I aspire to have because none are bodybuilders, but that doesn't make some of their advice any less important. You have to understand that its not the person you should be judging but the advice. Some people have different areas of knowledge. That's what makes this board so great. I've been lifting for 10 years. I've only been on the board about 2 years. I've made more progess in the last 2 years than all the previous 8 combined. With 8 years of lifting under my belt, I thought I knew alot. I really didn't know a thing.

    Since I've opened my mind (probably not as much as I should though ), I've made much better gains than ever. Currently, I'm training like a powerlifter but going to be competiting as a bodybuilder. Lifting, brings in a range of people with a range of knowledge. Just because somebody doesn't have your perfect body, does not mean you should totally neglect the advice they give. Even newbies might have new insight to help in certain situations. You might know how to do a lift but he might be able to communicate it better.

    There might be some 300lbs flabby guy, but benches 700lbs. You might not exactly take his dieting advice but you might be more apt to listen to his strength advice. In that same regard, you might be better off listening to his diet advice than a marathon runner for your needs. The marathon runner might be skinnier but the bigger guy might know a bit more about cutting weight to make it into the weight classes.

    Never, ever discredit the advice based on the person! Listen to the advice and do your own research.

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    Good post Homeyield. I try to only give advice when I think I have something to add to the conversation.
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    I agree for the most part, though sometimes I have trouble taking advice from someone who doesn't seem to be progressing (not so much the case on this board, but in the gym I'll get it for some reason). I also think it's harder to discount advice from some 300lb 5% bf guy than someone that's been stuck at 150 lbs. You have to figure something is working for the big guy.

    But yeah, being open minded is definitely very important..

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    I most people have different opinions so whatever advice i get i try and use different aspects of it and add it to my workout.

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    aint many doctors who weigh 300lbs and 3% BF but im sure you would listen to yours if he had some important news for ya

    I had a guy in the gym the other day....he has to be 230lb easy. ex power lifter gone to fat after cutting and building back up. he told me to eat a minimum of 500g per day of protein. That is almost 4 x my bodyweight. Whilst im sure he meant well, I cannot see myself taking this gem of advice. I dont care if the guy is the biggest person in the world...just becasue they tell you something worked for them dosnt mean its the reason they are big. I judged the advice i was given and felt i wanted my liver and kidneys to last me past my 30's.


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