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Thread: question regarding weight loss, excess skin and how to change?

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    question regarding weight loss, excess skin and how to change?

    I have been working out for more than two years now and I originally started with the goal of losing fat. I was sucessful but I still had some excess weight around my belly and nipples. Recently I decided to go on a cut and got myself down to 140 lbs at a height of 5' 10". But even at this level whenever I bend over I have stuff hanging around my nipples and belly. Many people have told me that I am starting to look to thin but the hanging stuff is still there. Some people have told me that it is excess skin. What Can I do to get rid of it once and for all if it is not fat but excess skin?

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    The excess skin is a common problem with dieting to lose a lot of weight. Unfortunately, theres not much you can do except wait it out. Eventually, it will tighten up. There are a few supplements / creams that may help you however. Feel free to search the forums, there have been several posts about this before. If its very severe, you may want to look into surgery (I dont recommend this though).

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    Maybe if you built up some muscle, you wouldn't look so droopy when you cut. Maybe gain some weight (muscle), then cut back down and everything might look better.
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    WOW.. 510 and 140.. that is way to skinny. The lowest i ever got to was 170 at 5'10 and then i had a 32 inch waist. Anyways, i lost alot of weight to, and i realize that it wont tighten up. I was thinking about surgery, but apparently there is this new procedure called thermage that tightens skin through laser treatment. It leaves no scars and down time is minimal. It costs a couple thousand though, and its still experimental.


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