Hey Im 15,about 14.7-15.6% bodyfat,trying to come down to about 10% maybe less,Im about 5'5 184 lbs,size 34 waist...Id like to lose 5% bodyfat before september which I dont see as really MUCH of a hard thing to do...Here is a routine of what ill be doing over the next 2 weeks to see how things go...But If i see results even a little bit Ill stick with it.

Crunches/AB workout (30 min)...Pushups/Chest workout (30 min)

Bicep/Tricep workout (30min)...Pushups/Chest workout (30min) Alternating with Crunches/AB workout (30 min) every other time. Also a 15 minute cardio session(or should the cardio session go with Mon,Wed,Sat?)

Rest day...Alternating with 30-45 minute cardio session every other friday.

After 2 weeks is up,im going to weigh myself again,and check my bodyfat,if i notice even a slight change,ill stick to this routine or even add more time to the cardio and each of my workouts.

Somebody please critique my schedual,I thought about cardio for 30 minutes a session but with the 30-45 minutes on alt. fridays i figure im alright,but if you have any tips shout 'em out.Remember I'm just trying to lose 5% bodyfat or build muscle to make me look more built,the point being i just don't wanna look fat,I think this will work for me. I have till early September and i will be eating as best as i can throughout the time period.Thank You in advance.