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Thread: Wrist problem/resuming lifting...?

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    Wrist problem/resuming lifting...?

    Hi there,
    This is my first thread on these forums but i was hoping someone could offer me some advice...Also i appologise beforehand for the long assed post :S

    I recently started a new job which increased the type of physical activity i've done since 1.5 years ago. Pretty much alot of manual labour involving cranking up threaded steel fittings used in Gas distrubution, as well as alot of hand digging,jumping in and out of holes etc...
    My problem is....after first couple of days at it full out(its pretty good cardio an uper body workout) i felt a slight twinge in my right wrist. I didnt think anything of this as i've had it before, and nothing has ever came of it.
    I went and done my lifting as usually for that day, but while doing barbell presses felt another slight twinge again in the same place. I ignored this (to my now regret) and finished my workout without any problems. Next day however i woke some pain in my wrist and found it had swollen(palm down, top left hand side of right wrist).
    Through looking for as much info as i could on this, i'm pretty sure its tendonitis, although the pain level has dropped as i stopped lifting immediatly and started using mainly my right hand at work.

    My question is, how long should i wait till i can resume lifting again?
    I've read that i should have "2 full days without any pain" before lifting wiv low weights and working my way back up, while integrating wrist exercises into my routine.
    I guess i'm just hoping someone here has some experiance of this problem and perhaps some first hand advice you could give me.

    Thank in advance for any help.

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    Go see a doctor! No weight lifting until you know what is happening to your wrist and it completely heals.


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