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Thread: this free online Body Fat calculator

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    this free online Body Fat calculator

    I just came across this free body fat calculator online.I wonder if its correct though..because it told me my body fat is 24.7% and I always thought mine is more.You can give it a shot at:
    It'll take a minute or two for the calculator to load..after it loads,choose Body Fat(YMCA) from the drop down list box and type in your waist,and weight,and choose your gender,and it'll give you your body fat.
    Of can use other calculators too,but if you try this one and you know what your real body fat is,then please post here and tell us about what it calculated for you.
    My stats:
    Age: 16 years
    Height: 5"7.5
    Weight: ....Reduced from 80 kg to 73 kg..tell me how much more I should lose

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    i cant get it to work....what do you do?

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    depending on my exact waist size, 20-23.5%, high but seems about

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    Hah! It says i'm between 23% and 25% body fat. My waist is 42-44 and weight is 250. The ass acounts for quite a bit of waist size. The height one also states that to have an ideal bodyweight at 250, I should be 7 feet tall. Granted, I'm not ideal right now. For bmi, it says i'm obese class II lol. I'm running 96-108 beats per minute, RESTING. I know I've started cardio. I think the fact I'm a bodybuilder with quite a bit of muscle throws it all off.

    Never mind that, I just tried on my size 40 pants and they're LOOSE. The cutting has been working well, I guess. It says that I'm 15-18%. Much closer. Think I'll cut about 10 more lbs. See if I can't wear 38 or 36.
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