heres a long post
i was a fat kid, teen, guess very endomorphic, max weight had been around 280lbs, but i lost most of it quick by mid 20's and went down to 175#, started exercise, i am in mid 30's now, i have been working out religiously for the past 3-4 yrs, 2 hrs a day almost every day of the week, i do cardio for at least 1 hr in every session and i do lift most of the days too, i have good strength, great legs (as most ex-fat guys do) and a somewhat flabby looking upperbody (that doesnt look that bad with clothes for my age), however i have a BIG SCARY question

yesterday for the first time i bought a scale for my home, is one of those that has bodyfat analyzer too, before that in the past 3-4 yrs i had test my bodyfat like 4 times, always with calipers at some gym, first time it was 15% (i was around 192lbs), second time and around 10 pounds heavier i tested 15-16% again, third time i was around 200lbs and got tested with an electronic machine of the ones that point to ur body made by tanita or so, i got a 21% reading or so, the fourth time calyper again i got a 18%, i have very very very flabby skin in my abdominal area, more than u can imagine and has probably a lot to do with my ex-fat past, however i got readings of like 30mm of fat there (think it was higher), but in legs i got less than 8mm and in chest around 15mmm, those are the measurements i remember from the last time i took the test, those all test were made from gyms and from the past 4 yrs i have been working out about the same without decreasing a bit, got lots of energy and clothes fit, i dont expect to be a model but somewhat my waist has mantained and i have pants size 34 up to 36 that fit, same waist range of the past 4 yrs ( i used to have 44inch pants when i was 20 so u can imagine), i would say that with clothes i look ok for my age. however this is the BIG QUESTION
yesterday i went on this scale made by a brand i dont remember (not tanita)
and got a reading of 210 lbs weight, 33.5% bodyfat
is this possible??
i have this measurements
chest around 44-46
arms around 16 and look decent, not toned but big and firm, waist around 35-38 thighs around 26, calves big and shaped, i have big forearms, medium size wrist, small ankles, somewhat shaped legs, i am 38yrs old
i have been watching my diet since forever, i am very healthy in most areas, i had tested as having excellent arm strength and flexibility, and i have lots of endurance for cardio ( only do spinning and eliptical trainers) i monitor my heart rate and is ok, can increase lots and going down somewhat fast too, but my question is i must have doing something terribly wrong!
how on earth got this reading of 33% something bodyfat?, (this morning was 31% but still is VERY HIGH even for me, doest his mean that ex-fat guys should be tested only by calipers, do this electronic machines dont work for us?, or i have most fat in unusual places? (like thighs,butt, hips?) where calipers doesnt go?, what about flabby skin does that count as fat for this machines??, i am very disoriented, i always tought of me as fit, overweight but fit, and able to keep myself in the same weight range over this years (that was impossible when i was a teeen) any advices??? i know this is long, but i need to have drastic measures