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Thread: Big yet hunched shoulders

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    Big yet hunched shoulders

    My shoulders are getting big but they are leaning a bit forward making the upper part look hunched. I don't know if it is because I box or not since the boxing stance requires me to bring the shoulders forward to protect the head.

    Any particular exercises I can do to pull my shoulders back?

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    I had the same problem, this is what corrected my posture and slumped shoulders:
    traps+rhomboids with shrugs and upright rows, which will help to raise your shoulders.
    spinal erectors with deadlifts, goodmornings, hyperextensions to straighten your posture

    it took me about 2 years to go from unhappy to completely satisified with the transformation
    (granted I could be off on this, maybe it was something else that fixed me up! but I think this is what it was)

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    Rows are good. Strengthening the rear deltoids with some bent over lateral raises will help as well. Since boxing involves having a lot of pushing power, your front deltoids are probably stronger compared to the rear.
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    spinal erectors with deadlifts, goodmornings, hyperextensions to straighten your posture
    Do not forget to work your abs along side your lower back.

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    Im with Geoff on this.

    The primary postural muscles for having the shoulders in a "natural" more "back" position are the rhomboids, levator scapule and the middle and lower fibers of the traps.

    To correct hunching you need to do two things really. Shorten the muscles mentioned above by working them hard and making them grow and contract......but at the same time also focus some time on stretching out and lengthening their antagonists:

    stretch the pecs, the serratus anterior, the upper traps (do head sidebends for these).

    Doing too many pressing movements and boxing type exercises will bring the shoulders forwards. Work the back muscles, strech the front muscles and the balance will get slowly restored as Geoff proved. Im willing to put money on what Geoff did bing the reason his posture changed.



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