Hey. So im hearing a lot about well-balanced diet. Well if u all can tell me what foods go into a well balanced diet, id like to do it. Um, my favor is...i created a webpage of myself and put pics on it. I have the MULTIMEDIA section with old pics, and the MOST RECENT PICS section with pics taken yesterday. If u all can go to my site: www.freewebs.com/venezianprince and take a look at the older pics of me, then the new....basically, i want to get back to how i looked 2 years ago, WITH bigger muscles though. 2 years ago i was thin, if u see the pics of me now..im not too thin. I was 145 pounds 2 years ago, now im 170. Id like to get back down to losing the fat and look like that again. So my question is, do you think i could get back down to that in 7 weeks by eating a well-balanced diet with 5 days a week of working out and an hour of cardio in the morning, OR starving myself, OR just working out 5 days a week-doing an hour of cardio in the morning and eating whatever, just NOT kurking out on sweets. To tell ya the truth, i used to weigh 170 when i was in 7th grade...then during the summer i went only eating a half a meal a day and i lost 25 pounds in one month. But it was hell and i dont wanna do it again. So whats ur thoughts on how to get back to that?? Id rather eat a well-balanced diet while working out 5 days a week and doing an hour of cardio first thing in the morning AND using my abdominal workout videos which last me 25 pounds about 3 days a week. Think thats a good idea? or is there no hope for me to get back to 2 years ago look??? Lol, help me out please. I thought Id ask the pros before i do anything. (www.freewebs.com/venezianprince) Also, the chicks like my looks better 2 years ago