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Thread: lateral delt head weak as water...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Built

    Here's an Arnold press:

    And when you do your standing side laterals, try to imagine you're pouring heavy, VERY full pots of tea at a distance - almost imagine you're leading with the tricep/rear delt area as you do the lift. Arms softly straight, as if you're hugging the sawed-off end of a big tree if you get what I mean.
    Man, i worked these into my shoulder routine tonight for "fun". They whooped my white ass. I totally forgot about this exercise. After my standing military, rear/front/lateral raises, i was pretty wasted...but i did em anyway. I could only mange 55lb dumbells haha i was so burnt out. They felt great though.

    off topic: i set a new personal best for OH dumbell extensions for tri's 110lb for 7! :evillaugh
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    Glad you liked those.

    The arnie/side raise superset was literally how I made my shoulders. And I had NONE when I started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max-Mex
    Dump the smith machine. Do real presses. That'll get those shoulders working.
    Whats wrong the smith?! Its safe and how do your muscles know whether its a smith or a free weight? The stimulus is still there.

    Work your way up in poundages to 250-300lbs and then you wont have an issue of small shoulders. Building large shoulders takes time, especially for the genetically average. Be a slave to adding weight bit by bit to the bar. Give it a few years and you'll transform your whole look.

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    carefull with arnolds. you need to go light because a lot of people get injured going heavy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smalls
    The muscle fibers in the different heads of the delt are oriented quite differently and do actually serve slightly different purposes. Thus they can actually have different functions and be emphasized to a certain degree. Unlike the chest or bicep.
    right, because its a joint and different heads of the muscle move the arm in a different direction. the more you isolate a head, the more your arm moves in a different direction. say you are doing lateral raises, standing straight up with your arms moving on a plane at 80 degrees. you would be using the lateral head more than you are using the anterior head. if your arms move in an 80 degree angle while bent over, its more like a 45 degree angle and your anteriors are getting worked alot more than the laterals.


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