Just want to share something with some of the newer folks who are struggling a little with the nutritional side of things.

A VALUABLE but often overlooked source of information are peoplesTraining Journals. Look for 4 or 5 journals doing what you are doing (bulking or cutting) and make sure those people say what they are eating, when and why. Lots of people do it (aka's journal, TheGimp, etc etc)...[i avoided plugging my own journal here cos thats just not cricket].

Point is when you read the journals you will learn so much. And you can ask the person "why why why" directly. if they cant answer why they are doing what they are doing then they are a bit mad arent they There are often some very valuable discussions on peoples journals where other board members challenge what they are doing and why. You can learn a LOT from this.

The journals are also a great place to make friends and find support. When you post on other peoples journals you will often find that when you start your own journal you will recieve support in kind