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    Hey everyone. I'm a newbie here and had a question.

    The past few weeks I have been very tired. I don't really know why to be honest. I eat very well considered what I used to eat.

    I take whey protein twice a day, eat breakfast, and about 3 other meals during the day for atleast 4 meals. I also have snacks through out.

    So I don't think eating is my problem.

    I get over 8 hours sleep a night so I am fine there too.

    I work out about 5 days a week but don't do hardwork outs. I go with friends and work out while we hang out. I play raquetball almost everyday and feel great.

    Does anyone have any ideas on why I find myself tired all the time?

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    The best person to answer this, is yourself. Here's my thoughts though...

    You're doing "too much" something. You either need to drop some work, or eat more, especially after exercise. Get carbs/sugar replacement during / after exercise, sport drinks, cakes etc. These should stop you feeling drained later.

    Eat more complex carbs, especially for breakfast and lunch. Gives you energy longer.

    PS. Hanging out in the gym is no excuse for not trying hard. Anyone that thinks it's funny if you're pushing yourself hard with "beginner" weights, wont be laughing in 6 months when you're built like a brick ****house. :-)
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    Sorry if you misunderstood. What I meant was that I don't do hard workouts like going in and doing my entire routine in 30 minutes then leaving. We like to do our workouts and hangout at the same time. We work out for about an hour, hour n a half (while hangingout too) and then play raquetball or basketball for a little.

    I think my problem may be not enough suguar. All I drink now is water and sometimes juice.

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    how many calories, protein, carbs, fat do you get in a day?
    what you think is a good diet and what is reality might be night and day in difference.

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    you may have a vitamin deficiency. make sure you are taking your vitamins and maybe add some iron pills in there and see if that makes a difference.
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    definatley a deciency, a calorie deficiency.
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