Hi there,

I've been lifting weights off and on for two years, and I've recently begun to lift heavy again after a four month lay off. I did lift during those four months, but not to "get big". I'm 6'3" and weigh about 185 pounds; I'm taking GNC's Mega Creatine and I use Designer Whey protein. I'll probably swtich to a different creatine in three weeks, as I don't think Mega is worth the extra money.

I've been lifting heavy since the third week of May: I've gained a little over ten pounds, I'm extremely lean and cut, and I look great. My weight is probably a little misleading: my left leg is considerably smaller than my right leg, due to a childhood accident that nearly cost me that leg.

I've read through the WBB routines, and I've noticed something: my routine is very similar (sans the squats, which are dangerous for me to do) but I'm lifting five times a week, not three. Coupled with this has been my recent concern that I may be lifting too often, which could be depressing possible gains.

I basically do:

Day one, chest
Day two, arms
day three, legs abs
day four, chest
day five, arms

If my routine is similar to WBB III -- and it is -- shoud I only work out three times a week? I should mention, I'm working this Summer as a landscaper, which is a physically demanding job.

Thanks for the comments and advice,