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Thread: Changes to WBB#1 routine

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    Changes to WBB#1 routine

    Is it okay if I split the routine up into 4 days a week, and take legs off since I'm not planning to work on legs. Something like this:

    day1-chest and back

    Would this work? Any revisions? I don't know anything about using secondary muscles in those exercises and what not so any input would be nice.

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    Yes, that would work, but if you're going to split anything up, I would think you would split back and chest, since of the bodyparts listed, back and chest are the largest and require the most energy to work.
    Why aren't you working legs? Many believe, myself included, that working your legs can have a positive overall affect on the entire body.
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    Working out legs does have a positive effect on the body

    Working out your legs puts more muscle mass on your body, and more muscle mass means your body needs more calories to keep itself going, which also means its easier to cut, and will make it easier to keep overall fat levels down.

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    Agreed. Taking out legs is by far the worst change to the routine.

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    I would also have to agree. It is a bad idea to drop legs out of the WWB routine... thats an entire third of the program!
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