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Thread: "Cafine will stunt your growth"

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    "Cafine will stunt your growth"

    Is this true when it comes to bodybuilding as well? I always heard this as a kid. I don't see why not, the body growing tall isn't much different than growing muscular. They both need protien and hormons and what not. Anyone know for sure?

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    I hear alot of BS about caffiene

    it can irritate your intestines and impair absorbtion of protein etc...

    this is a very individual thing and some tolerate it quite well

    bad things happen around 600mg but thats 4 cups of coffee

    all things in moderation

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    Quote Originally Posted by holto
    bad things happen around 600mg but thats 4 cups of coffee
    2 questions:
    What brand of coffee is that? From what I've read, most strong brews are about 100mg caffeine per cup.

    What bad things happen at 600mg? I've gotten pretty wired drinking coffee, to the point of nausea, and sweating. I don't think I was tachycardic though.

    I'm just curious.
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