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Thread: Problem with symmetry - pic included

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    Problem with symmetry - pic included

    Hello all, I'm a daily lurker, but never really post anything.

    Anyways I've noticed that I lack symmetry in my arms. My right arm dwarfs my left arm in size. I've been doing more and more exercises with Dumbells to avoid having one arm do the work for the other, but this is seemingly having no effect. What is actually happening is my right arm is getting bigger, while lefty is getting left behind.

    There does exist a slight strength difference between the two, most apparent on exercises such as bicep curls, and d.b presses.

    Any tips you can give me on evening them out? i didn't know if it was advised to use a heavier weight for d.b bicep curls on one side or the other.

    The picture doesn't really show the dramatic difference, but believe me, its' there.


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    If i were you, i'd use dumbells from now on. start with your smallest arm first and really push for the extra reps with that arm,.,, and maybe have some help you do some forced reps with that arm too...

    from the pic to me it looks like your tricep is smaller id prob reccomend some tricep work too,,,

    gd luck dude

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    Go to
    Its an article in response to someone who had the same problem. Should help.

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    If I were you I'd stop worrying so much about your arms/curling. Everything will most likely even out on its own.

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    I heard that you need to do the opposite to avoid major differences between sides. If you use a dumbell, the weaker side is eventually going to have to work to catch up because it is the side that is going to fail first when using a dumbell.

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    I'd keep with the db's and use very strict form. See if when you do the db curls if your left arm is doing the curl faster or if it's doing it in a diff. manner. If you do both arms with very strict form, they will most likely even out. Good luck man.
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    You should try switching to your left hand when you have "alone" time.
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