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Thread: Increased vascularity (sp)

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    Increased vascularity (sp)

    Is increased vascularity a sign of body fat loss? I noticed i have become more vasucline when sedentry. I can now see a long vein running down my forearm (not the bicep unless i have a pump). I have been cutting for a month, but my weight has been flucating so i dont really know if i have been losing weight at all.


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    As MellowFellow says, you will see more vascularity as you lose bodyfat. Genetics also plays a part though. Some people naturally are much more vascular than others. You can compare 2 different people at the same weight and bodyfat and one could be much more vascular so the bodyfat factor is not an exact science.

    In terms of what you can do, yes losing bodyfat is the most effective thing.

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    Some pro guys don't even have that power vein (cephalic vein) on their bicep even though they have stupid low bodyfat levels at competitions. Look at Lee Priest for example. So yes you can increase vascularity by decreasing bodyfat but part of it is determined by genetics.


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