Let's see.....I stopped working out a little over a year ago due to a car wreck. Back then I was working out a local gym with a student discount...$85 for six months. However, I am no longer a student and the cheapest gym near me is $40/month with a $100 joining fee. On top of this I work a lot of overtime (on call)...so I wouldn't always have time to go to the gym, hence I have decided to buy my own equipment for my apt.

So far I have a pull up/dip rack and 40lbs (pair) of adjustable db's...i plan on buying two more sets (total of 80lb pair). I am also going to buy a bench with a 7' bar rack....and of course a 7' bar with 140 lbs of plates (I will no doubt get more later).

Does this sound ok? I figure that the only exercises that I won't be able to do are Leg Press, T-bar, calf raises and machine movements.

Also, since I've been out for while, are there any supplements worth looking into? I've still got quite a bit of creatine and I'm ordering some protein.

Any advice would be appreciated?