Ok, I have found that my limiting factor on deadlifts is the lockout portion, or just above the knees and up I guess.

Just wondering what others have done to bring this up.

I'm assuming that this is back strength that is faltering yes?

If so, I am guessing that things like good mornings, and rack pulls would aid in strengthening this phase.

Wondering of those who've done lockouts, do you vary where your starting position is? Also, any other tips or tricks to working this phase?

I may also start trying to Sumo more, and see how that goes. I've been saying this for about a year now, but think it is finally worth a shot. I see Alex as having a similar body structure as far as height and close to the same weight, and he deadlifts MUCH more sumo than conventional, so maybe if it works for him it could work for me.

It seems I am at the point where easy gains are gone on the big three, so I must now get quite technical with them, either in form tweaks or different and more specific training, so I'm open to any and all thoughts.