Hi everyone!! I was talking to my friend and he told me that soccer players must eat 5000 + cals a day since they all train at a high intensity. I just started playing semi-pro and the game is more stronger and tiring. I know I should be eating more ( when I was playing in a lower league before I know I wasn't eating that much -- lack of knowledge about nutrition --). I am 5'9.5" and weight 155 at 6.2 bf %. I train tuesday and thursday for 2 to 3 hours.
Monday, Wednesday, I run for an hour- First 30 minutes I run at a fast pace and the other 30 minutes I do HITT-- Involves more sprinting than jogging. ( pretty triring but luv it ). On friday I do weight lifting and I run for 30 minutes. On saturday I only do weight lifting. On sunday I play. Dont have a rest day cuz I want my body to get used to this routine first. Any thoughts of a number of cals I should eat? I haven't been counting cals so far but I know I need to eat more. Once, I ate like crazy and went to play and i did not even got tired and next time I ate normally and ran out of energy. I am asking you cuz I do not want to eat like crazy without knowing the number of cals I am eating. I wanna try counting cals. Any thoughts? Sorry for the long paragraph.