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Thread: Smith Machine bench with 1RM chart

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    Smith Machine bench with 1RM chart

    Is the Smith Machine really an accurate way to measure a one rep max? Are 1RM max charts/calculators accurate too? I measure the Smith bar as 10 lbs. of reisistance and not 45, so I've got that part figured out. Just wonder how big a role the stabilization factor is and if the Smith gives you an inaccurate measure of your bench.

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    yes. it gives an inaccurate measure of your bench.
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    smiths are nothing liek they are at a slight the cords hold about 45 lbs so they bar is say take the smith and subtract a good 50lbs...and the 1rm charts are bogus i say...according to them i should be able to 1rm 280.....yet on my last set after 5 other sets...i can put up 285....weird...


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