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Thread: Skinny but average weight?

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    Skinny but average weight?

    I've been looking around a lot of the online BMI and weight analysis calculators and all of them say I fall in the average weight category for my age/sex/height etc. One of them said I'm within a few pounds of my ideal weight. The weird thing is, I have always looked very skinny. I'm not weak skinny, I can lift weights heavier than my average-build friends but nevertheless I still look skinny. So how is this possible?

    One other thing I'm wondering is if I am an average weight, should I only be thinking about bulking myself up with freeweights rather than just trying to fatten myself up?

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    Don't rely on those 'things'

    It'll vary from person to person.

    I'm considered overweight for my height I think.

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    Dont worry about it, before I started my bulking cycle I weighed 5-10lbs less then my friends but I could lift more on most exercises (i was almost all muscle, i had very low body fat). If you want to gain weight, make sure you gain it as lean mass by working out and eating right.
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