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Thread: Question about rep range - is this a good idea?

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    Question about rep range - is this a good idea?

    I was thinking for my next routine about trying out a different rep system... Instead of going for 2 sets of 8 reps on each and every exercise, would it be a good idea to vary things a little bit? My plan would be to give each muscle part two different rep ranges: 6 reps and 10 reps.

    The way I'd do this would be, for example on chest/back day:
    Bench press 2 x 6.
    Incline bench 2 x 6.
    Flies 2 x 10.
    Rows 2 x 10.
    Pullups 2 x 6.
    Shrugs 2 x 8.

    Is this going to yield better results than having the same number of reps and sets everywhere? For hypertrophy should I also consider adding some sets with 12 reps, to vary things even more?

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    Variation is good. My advice is don't get bogged down about which reps produce the most hypertrophy and such. Do it for the mental aspect and to keep with the keystone of productive lifting-- progression.

    You can find numerous studies pointing to which rep range is best for such and such a result. In the end, good progression in lifting is a mental game, so you're most likely to stick with what you enjoy.


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