The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Senior Member dissipate's Avatar
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    Jun 2004

    disturbing time at the gym (rant)

    Over at my gym all new sign-ups get 5 free PT sessions, 3 sessions of fitness assesment plus recommended workout and two follow-up sessions. I've been there for about 8 months now and designed my own workout last month because I started doing some reading and found out that workouts should be changed every 3 months approx because the muscles get used to 'em.

    Well, I went to a trainer (not the original one who I had the 5 sessions with) to get my BF tested on the Tanita today, and it measured 29.9%. Before I get flamed for using the Tanita, I don't have callipers, am planning to get a pair soon, and I'm using BIA to track in the meantime!! The trainer was quite helpful in explaning the printed readings and what everything meant, unlike the other trainers there, so I asked her what she thought about Tanitas only passing the current through the lower half of the body and where to get callipers.

    While I'm asking her about the lower half body thing, the original trainer walks in and says "testing your bodyfat *again*?!" in a sharp voice and I say yeah. The last time I tested it was 3 weeks ago so I don't understand what the problem is. The trainer I'm speaking to asks the original trainer about the Tanita and the original trainer explains with exasperation that it's not true, the Tanita goes through the whole body and is 80%-85% correct, and insists I'm ok. And I say "I'm not!" while laughing.

    Later when I walk out of the room, I can see the original trainer bitching to the other trainer about me through the glass. And throughout my whole session at the gym the original trainer looks really pissed off with me.

    I'm really.... speechless.. at this sort of attitude from a trainer. I'm feeling the original trainer is pretty annoyed that I changed my whole workout and have been using my own planned one - just two days ago I was doing standing calf raises with two feet positions to work the lateral head and medial head, and the trainer was looking at me funny - and the fact that I am not satisfied with the Tanita readings.

    But I mean, it's the standard BF method of testing this particular gym uses and measures people by, and people generally regard trainers in gyms as authorities on health because they're educated in this area. So how can anyone be pissed at me for not being happy with the reading??? Or measuring every 2-3 weeks? That's contradicting and confusing. It's really dumb.

    Anyhow, after two months in the gym when I first started, I was already thinking that if I were to get PT sessions I'd ask some other trainer because I observe all the trainers at the gym and I didn't think we'd get along well. Thank goodness Jesus says that I am full of "abundant life" and will never have to be ashamed, and got me to repeat it every morning. If I hadn't, I would be very upset about this situation.

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    the kid from oz
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    complain to the manager and tell them you want a refund and you're going to another gym

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    Senior Member geoffgarcia's Avatar
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    May 2002
    not everyone in life will see things your way, perhaps that other trainer was having a bad day (or several in a row)...forgive, forget, move on

    and good luck with your new workout!

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    Ash "Money" Hegde Y2A's Avatar
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    Miami, FL
    Who cares what he thinks or what he was saying?
    "We fight our battles, we wage our wars, we settle the score, with honor and blood" - Atreyu

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    Mostly healed up! PizDoff's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigedge
    complain to the manager and tell them you want a refund and you're going to another gym

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    Wannabebig New Member
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    May 2003
    Stop worrying abut your body fat when you are at 29.9% . The mirror will do fine .

    When you get down really lean is when you will want to check it more .

    I'm betting you are the guy that asks for a bodyfat test every week . JK
    Give me your broken , give me your beaten ... I will build them up , I will lead them ... to the threshhold . Make you stronger , make you believe .

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    Magically delicious Shane's Avatar
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    It sounds like the original trainer was being a dick. 3 weeks isn't much time for change, but it's not like it's a crime to check either. It should be at least 1% lower by then. Now if you were checking once a week EVERY week then maybe I could see why he'd be annoyed. But it sounds like he was just being a jerk. Hell, at my gym I'd be happy if more girls would go by bodyfat % instead of going by their freakin' weight all the time. It sounded like you got along well with the other trainer though. Why not have her do your other sessions?
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    Wannabebig Member Jayrock's Avatar
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    Man, I'm sick of trainers trying to stick their noses in everyones business with their holier than thou attitude. If I'm not paying you money, get out of my face and stop giving me those stupid looks--it's highly unprofessional. If I want advise, I know where to look.

    Man, I've seen PTs finish with a customer, then as soon as they leave, the PT will talk crap on them. What the hell is up with that, those people are helping put a roof over your head and feed you!!!

    Or they approach you with their services. You sit there and listen politely, then decline politely and thank them. After that they have a bug up their ass when they see you. Like thinking to themselves, "There's that cheap-ass, know it all."

    Ok, rant over.

    If it continues to bother you, complain to management.

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    Senior Member dissipate's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Thanks for the support and comfort guys, I really appreciate it and am feeling better today.

    complain to the manager and tell them you want a refund and you're going to another gym
    I wish!! Hah!

    Shane: I agree. Yeah, I will ask the other trainer or other trainers if I need help in future

    Jayrock: I absolutely agree with the holier than thou attitude. Sounds like you've come across many incompetent trainers as well.

    Man, I've seen PTs finish with a customer, then as soon as they leave, the PT will talk crap on them. What the hell is up with that, those people are helping put a roof over your head and feed you!!!
    Yeah, it's really disgusting behaviour. The trainer I was talking about bitched about his/her clients to me even, behind their back. Horribly unprofessional. I expect to continue getting bitched about behind my back and will just steer clear of that trainer.

    But I will complain to management if this continues when I go back to the gym next week.



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