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Thread: Weight - when to increase?

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    Weight - when to increase?

    I know this sounds simple but it's not for someone that dosen't want to gain bulk. Taken advice from the forum and have started weight training 3 times a week in addition to teaching CV classes. Split sessions down to backs/abs, chest/shoulders, legs/arms. Thing is I'm already lifting 40kg+ on most things (upper body) and working with 3 sets of 14 reps. My question, if I keep pushing myself I will end up lifting large amounts of weight and putting on bulk but I can't keep increasing reps as I'll be in the gym all night. Any ideas please.

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    your not going to put on bulk. your a chick, and you don't have enough testosterone for that to happen. if you can lift 14 reps worth, it's time to up your weights.
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    Along the lines of that tryska said; When you hit 14 and stop but know you can do more, then its time to add some weight on. And dont worry about getting big just cause you lift heavy. Take a poll on how many poeple here lift heavy and dream of getting big

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    I lift heavy get big.

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    Here's another voice saying "don't worry about the bulk" is SO hard for females to actually "bulk up" from lifting heavy weight. I've been trying for years and I'm gotten very, very strong and defined but cannot put on much size, no matter how hard I try! (Dammit).

    Women with big, bulging muscles are a) part of the genetically gifted minority/mesomorph body type and/or b) taking steroids. And in either case, they have probably devoted themselves to full-time, very specialized training and diet to acheive that look.

    Myself, as soon as I can do over 8 reps, 10 at the absolute max, I up the weight significantly.

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