Hey all, I'm signing in (after a long break from both here and lifting) to get some advice on what I should get for school, in terms of food. I have come up with a schedule that leaves me minimal time (ie, little to none) preperation for all (first 4) meals, but I will have some for #5 and 6. I am thinking powerbars and shakes for 2/4 meals and something more substantive (cottage cheese + ?, something else) for the other 2. Please help me pick out what are the best mealbars/shakes (taste is a big priority) and what is best for the time I have. My schedule is as follows:

8 am wake up, shower, get dressed, make bed, eat breakfast, leave for class (45 minutes to do this, showering, making bed, and getting dressed will take me 30 minutes, leaving meal 1 15 minutes).
8:45 am leave for class, class until 2 pm, with one break at a midway point, giving me 10 minutes between walking to class to eat something (meal 2, I figure a powerbar is best, not sure if I should add to it).
From 2pm to 2:30 I have to get to my dorm and pick up my gym bag and head to the gym. I figure I can eat something on the way, so please say what's the best pre-workout (intensive) meal is considering I will have about 5-10 minutes for this (meal 3).
2:45 Weightlifting (45 minutes)
3:45 Racquetball practice (30 minutes)
4:30 cardio (30 minutes), I leave for the gym by 5:15. I should insert meal 4 at some point (I figure after weightlifting, though I might want to break up meal 4 and do smaller meals between each. Keep in mind that they must be something I can leave in an uncooled gym bag.
5:30 I get back to the dorm, shower and change by 6:00 pm. I can then prepare meals 5 and 6 (I figure 6:30 pm, and 8:30 pm are good times), and I have a pretty good kitchen to prepare what I need.

So what would you advise for me to eat for meals 1-6, considering 1-4 is limited in time, 5 and 6 not, and meals 1, 3, 5, and 6 can be refridgerated while 2 and 4 cannot. I am shooting for 2,500 calories and my main goal is fat loss. No restrictions on types of food (no allergies, food preferences). If you advise a protein shake or powerbar, please pick a favourite (taste and benefit wise) as it's been awhile (6 months) since I've been a weightlifting consumer.

I know I'm asking a lot, but this board is the most informative source I know. Thanks