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Thread: Okay to do extra?

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    Okay to do extra?

    I just got back from a vacation at every weightlifter's Hell: Hershey, PA. This means that I just ate four times my weight in chocolate, sugar, and other various forms of saturated fat.

    My question is this. SInce I was gone for a few days, I missed a lot of my lifting days. Would it be okay to work my entire body one day this week to make up for all I lost? I haven't lifted in almost a week, and seeing how I ate so crappy, I dont' want anything to start to go bad.

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    Personally, I would just ease back into my routine as if I never had left.

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    i usally do that myself, if i miss days i try and fit it all in in just 2 days, but never 1, there is just to much to do

    but if you feel like sepdning 3 hours in the gym be my guest....but i would suggest try to fit it in 2 days, even if you have to lift on a saturday or something

    and trust me after 3 days nothing will go bad

    ofcourse you could also use this as a chill period...depending on how long you have been lifting straight, you could take this week and the next off, then start back after 2 weeks off, if you want

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    Just use your lost time as a time off. Everybody needs a week off every now and then.

    Just come back strong and hit those weights.
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