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    Here is a quotation from an article at Please comment- I want to see if people agree or disagree with it.

    "One of the main reasons I rejected Mike Mentzer's heavy duty was its lack of overall symmetry. You can build plenty of mass using just a few sets of a compound exercise, but never a quality physique, at least not drug-free. Just one exercise can never hit the entire muscle, burn every fiber and emphasize each crevice and striation. For that you need a certain amount of isolative work. Doing multiple sets divided over different angles is probably wisest when trying to develop an overall quality physique that is complete. When training biceps you have to have overall stimulation, but you'll never be Arnold or Scott without emphasizing the inner head, outer head and brachialis separately. You'll look like a huge smooth beginner if you never isolate. Hitting each part of the muscle once a week is an absolute must."

    Agree or disagree?

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    He's really smart, this is the same guy that probably bought the electrical ab/muscle stimulator.

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    I agree that bodybuilding dot com will let just about anyone write an article, and that most beginners wold be far better off ignoring all of them untill they know how to differentiate between the ones that are garbage and the ones with a shred of understanding of physiology and anatomy behind them.
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