This is kind of a what else should I be doing post. This site has provided great motivation thus far, and I want to thank you all for that. Itís a great source of information, much of which I knew, but quite a few things here are new to me. Though I have different goals than many people on this site, all your posts are very helpful to me in one way or another.

My situation: 28yrs, 5' 11", 280 lbs, ~35% BF using the Tanika BF scale(Not 100% sure on accuracy, but I assume its close) - At this point I still workout at home for convenience and time. Doing low carb.

Before two weeks ago:
Only lifted for upper body, did all upper body twice a week, and only 1 exercise on each muscle group.
Did regular cardio twice a week.

Monday - Chest(3 exercises)/Bi(2 exercises)
Tuesday - Cardio - HIIT style, alternating speeds on a rowing machine.
Wednesday - Back(3 exercises)/Tri(2 exercises)
Thursday - Cardio - HIIT style, alternating speeds on a rowing machine.
Friday - Shoulders(3 Exercises)/Legs(3 exercises)
Sat/Sun - off

Changed from eating 3 meals a day to 6 smaller meals. I'm also going to try the 10 day low carb, and then stick to low GI carbs on the 2nd weekend basically, to see if the "refeed" idea helps me out. Last year I dropped 45 pounds doing low carb with no cycling, and have kept almost 100% of it off. I know many are anti-low carb, but for me personally it helps me lose weight, and I know it works to reduce BF% which is my goal.

Any suggestions? My only goal at this time is to lose BF%.

One other side note: On almost all lifting I do, I do 2-3 sets with the same weight, and on the last set I doubt I could do another. I VERY rarely am able to increase the weight I do on almost any lifting exercise. Is there a way for me to gain strength/lift heavier weight, without eating more? My current calorie intake is around 1500 or so per day.