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Thread: Back problems?

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    Back problems?

    I've been lurking here a while, and have really gotten a lot of useful information from this site. Since there's so many knowledgable people on here, I figured I'd hit you guys up for some advice on my back problems I've been having.

    About three weeks ago from today I hurt my back doing deadlifts. I was stubborn, and a bit distracted because of some other stuff going on in my head, that when I went to squeeze out an extra rep on my last set I hit bad form coming down, and felt something pull in my lower back. It wasn't a pop, or a real sharp feeling, more like just a quick pull and a "you better put the weight down fast" kind of feel. I finished the rest of my work-out that day (back/bis), because I didn't feel any noticable pain during the work out. Around an hour later when at work, my lower back was very stiff, and as the day went on it felt very swollen right between my lower back and the top of my waistline. It also hurt down through my ass, but the pain didn't go any further than that.

    I took off two weeks from weight-training, but kept up some light cardio work. Things were feeling better, and all pain in my lower back was pretty much gone. Then I noticed the second week after the injury, my lower back, a little big higher up towards the middle of my loewr back, would tense up and feel like I just got done a serious back work out. By the end of the day, it'd be fatigued. I went to a sports medicine/orthopaedics doctor last Friday about it. He did some X-Rays, and said that it did not look spinal or disc-related at all. He felt around on my back, and did say that I was having some muscle spasms in the middle of my lower back. He said that they were probably results from a muscle tear or a pulled muscle. Prescribed me a 6 day prescription for a steroid, and some muscle relaxers. Well, I'm day 5 of the steroid, and while the spasms are not as intense and frequent, I am still getting them. I don't get them until late afternoon, early evening. The feeling isn't really a pain, more of a dull ache, and a fatigued feeling. It seems to bother me more when standing than sitting. I go back to the doctor next Friday for a follow-up. He said starting this week I can return to my routine, but to lay off dead lifts for a couple more weeks, and go light on the squats.

    If anyone has experienced something similar to this, or knows anything about what I'm talking about here, I would really appreciate the input. I'm mostly wondering if this is something more serious than I'm thinking, or if I'm just being super paranoid about something that'll go away eventually.

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    hey bro, it is only serious if you abuse the injury. Keep the ego at the door and you'll be fine.

    I did a similiar "pull" on a deadlift myself. If you are like me then cant know your limits without going over the edged now and then...sh1t happens. learn from it.

    go light and work on solid repping instead of maxing for @2 months

    doc sounds like a good doc. when you pulled the muscle, the rest of your body has to compensate and all the other muscles are out of whack and spasmsing trying to take the load off the injured muscle.

    good deal on xrays, now you know it aint skeletal.

    I would suggest getting massages once or twice a week while working out with reps (8-10) on ALL exercises (upper and lower body). As you get the injured area stronger the spasms and tension should start to go away.

    trick is to not overdue it, cause now that your injured the chances of getting re-injured are very high and if you re-injure it, it will take even longer to heal.

    Since the back is used in ALL exercises to some degree, I would not go heavy on anything for AT LEAST 2 months.

    better safe than sorry....use this time to enjoy the feeling of each rep and focus on mind muscle connection and listen to some good tunes while repping and focusing on form and control for a while.

    I used three months myself to get back to maxing at deadlifting and such and I seem better for it both mentally and physically.

    maybe get some extra vitamin C in you, I am always pumping C in me and seems to help with lots of stuff. I also use glutamine at about 30-40 grams a day to aid in recovery and seems to help me get over stuff pretty fast, injury or not.

    good luck bro'
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    I had just about the same thing happen about a month ago. I pulled my back deadlifting on the lower left side. I felt the same way you did when I hurt it. I finished my workout and got in the truck for work and when I got to work I could barely get out of the truck. I actually missed work for a week, after that. My back was so tight I had to use my arms to get up and down for days.

    The doc told me to lay off squats and deads for 2 weeks too. I didn't squat or deadlift for a week after and last week I did rackpulls( in a cage bar set at below knee level) instead of deads. I only went up to 225. I was able to go up to 365 this week without any problems. I did light squats last week 3 sets of 135 for 10 and was able to go up to 225 this week. Just take your time and see how your back feels.

    Just remember that your mind will mess with you a little too, after an injury. In the back of your mind you will be thinking about the injury.

    One other thing I have added is warm ups of hypers on squat and dead days and it has also helped.

    Just don't worry about the weight you are using at first, no matter who is watching!!

    Good Luck!!
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    Thanks a lot for the replies, guys! It's good to get some input from people who have had similar experiences. This is my third week off from weight-training since the injury, and I'll be starting back up on my routine this Monday. I'm going to do like you guys advised and go light for the next couple of months so that I don't do any further harm. After three weeks off, it will just feel good to be lifting again! I've felt like total crap mentally the last few weeks, and I think getting back to the weights this week will make me feel better all around.

    I am noticing that the muscle spasms are not as intense since I have been on the medicine from the doc. Last week they were consistent and bothered me while sitting, but now when they come on it's just after I've been standing or moving around for a while. It feels good to find out that this is a normal occurence with this kind of injury, and not some weird thing that's just hitting me.

    Thanks again for the info and advice.


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