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Thread: New lifter needs advice

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    New lifter needs advice

    Hey everyone. Im 5'10", 132 pounds and want to start defining and buildings my biceps more. I do crunches every other day and have started working on my biceps just a few weeks ago for sports. I have been doing about 7 or so sets of 15 reps with a 40 pound barbell curl. I know its not alot but its all i can for right now since i heard light weights and lots of sets/reps is better? My metabolism is really high so its hard for me to gain weight but i drink a weight supplement/high in protein shake about half hour or so before i lift. Was wondering if anyone had any tips on how i could improve on what im doing now. I only have the barbell right now with weights. Thanks alot

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    Damn. I don't really know where to start. First off- there is SO much information on this board. So much. I believe that you can find many answers to most of your questions via the lovely search feature.

    Why do you only want to improve your biceps? As far as that goes, the only advice I can give you is "don't do that". Just training your abs and biceps is the worst idea ever, and yet so many people do exactly the same thing for whatever evil reason. If you're just starting now then you can be pulled from the path of darkness before it's too late. Do compound pulling exercises like chins and barbell rows and your biceps will grow plenty. You should also eat more, don't think that drinking a shake really counts as far as that goes... you should drink a shake after/during your workout as well... but focus on eating lots and lots of clean food- hell at 132 you could eat some crappy food too without it being too bad for you, but good food builds good muscle.

    Here's my advice to a new lifter:
    -Sleep Enough (two words- force feed)
    -Do Bench, Chins, BB Rows, Deadlifts, and Squats (and Dips if you really need another chest/triceps exercise) Stick to the basics and they'll treat you well.
    -Don't worry about your abs so much, and don't worry about your biceps- if you do these exercises and eat enough they will grow.
    -Make sure you train your legs (and do it like you mean it). The only acceptable reasons for not training your legs are that you can't move them or you don't have them. Period.
    -High Rep/Light Weight is a pretty inefficient way to train for strength, and a pretty effective way to burn lots of calories that could be used to fuel growth instead. Lifting like this is for spandex-clad cardio bunnies.


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