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Thread: UD2 Work-out Schedule for Mass Gains

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    UD2 Work-out Schedule for Mass Gains

    Hey Guys - I'm about to begin the UD2 program for mass gains but have a few questions about the workout schedule:

    1. Lyle's sample schedule for mass gains (pg 73) shows a high intensity workout on Thursday evening. Would this be a full body work-out? Also, is the "high intensity" referring to "pump" work-outs (i.e. lighter weight, more reps)?

    2. Is the "power work-out" on Saturday a full body work-out?


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    Both are full-body workouts
    Edgar V.

    So you don't wanna get big, do you?


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    They are both fullbody workouts. The book mentions this.

    The power workout *can* be split up into a couple of sessions during the day, but Lyle doesn't recommend it.
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    What is this "UD2 program for mass gains" and where can I get it, and how effective is it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shippingandhand
    What is this "UD2 program for mass gains" and where can I get it, and how effective is it.
    The Ultimate Diet 2.0 by Lyle Macdonald can be purchased at It's a program for the average-genetic folks designed to maximise fat loss, while maintaining muscle mass (some will gain). The UD2.0 is aimed towards fat loss; however, the fat loss variant can be altered for mass gain, while keeping fat gain to a minimum. Whether its effective or not, I don't know. I haven't tried it myself, but the fat loss variant works like gold.
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