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Thread: High Blood Pressure

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    High Blood Pressure

    Hey guys - pretty much everyone in my family suffers from high blood pressure as do I (I'm 21 BTW). My diet is clean and on top of that, I watch my sodium in-take. I'm 6'2, around 185lbs w/ ~15% BF if that matters. I drink around 115 ounces of water a day and have been supplementing my diet with green tea and guarana extract (200 mg caffeine). Is there anything else I can do to lower my BP (besides the usual "avoid stress and relax")?

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    Caffeine can increase your blood pressure. You can also stay away from salty foods.

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    Hate to say it, but reduce/eliminate the stimulants. They may be boosting your metabolism, but like most thermo's, they are doing it somewhat unnaturally, not unlike Phentrimen/Fastin (Phen-Phen), "Bennies", "Crystal Meth", etc...

    Any of these will increase your blood pressure.

    Just because something is herbal does not mean it is truly healthy. Likewise, for many, used properly, they can work without endangering health. Unfortunately, a predisposition to high blood pressure is something that is a contraindication to the use of thermogenics.

    I can certainly understand the desire to cut though, as that is the main thing that will help reduce the BP. I'm 41. When I started hitting the gym in April, I was 6'3", 210 @ 28%. I was wearing size 36 jeans, and should have been in 38s.
    My resting HR was about 80, and a 4mph walk on the treadmill would push it to 150+. My BP was 143/93... I should have been on meds.

    Today, I am 185 at 16%. My resting HR is 57-60. A 4mph walk barely bumps me to 110, and I can do short sprints (2 minutes) at 8mph and remain just under 160. A solid 6mph sustained run holds me at about 145.
    My BP is now down to 115/71. Size 32 Wranglers are now loose enough to slip off over my hips.

    Cardio my friend. I know it's not the way to build bulk, and robs you of calories that can be used to bulk up, but we need to get our bodyfat levels under control (10-12%) and improve our overall cardiovascular systems general health before we think seriously about bulking.
    Hit the squats too... improving the large leg muscles will increase your BMR without the need for thermo's, and will offer an improvement in BP, as it is a form of light cardio.

    I do 1/2 hour of cardio on days I work weights (upper on Monday, legs on Thursday), and 1 hour of more intense cardio the remaining 4 days, with 1 day off. I haven't looked or felt this good since I was in college.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichLockyer
    ....reduce/eliminate the stimulants.....
    Agree. Using stimulants in someone with high blood pressure is just asking for trouble.
    I know you're half-crazy, but I wish you'd go all the way.

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