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Thread: Do you guys..

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    Do you guys..

    know of a site that ranks universities internationally? like compares unis from different countries?

    Ive looked for a while, but couldnt find jack...

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    I think you would have to select a certain field for comparison, as most universities have specialities and thus most of their research is directed towards that strength. Browsing around prospective universities the general consensus was that they are judged on the number of papers that make it to publishing in journals, and this in turn leads to more money invested into the research and even more improvement the following year.

    I'm currently awaiting A-level results (next week) and my first choice uni was Bristol University, England, to study elec and electrical engineering. Now my second choice was Southampton, which are ranked 2nd in the world for its research in that field (higher than Bristol) but being there in person is the only real way to compare how they suit your needs. Statistics aren't the be all and end all IMHO.

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    what kind of unvis?

    if business, go here


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