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    I haven't been able to train legs for about 8 weeks no because of a serious contusion in my left quad, so I'm wondering now if I should train my legs three times a week, Calves/Quads/Hamstrings.....Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday.
    I plan to do 1 compound lift on each day Squats/Quads Deadlifts/hamstrings but I don't know what to do on calve day.

    Would this be an effective way of training????
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    dude you just got back from being injured take it easy for a while and ease back into the lifitng and its kinda hard to just do calves on one day.

    id try two days instead of three

    day one
    Heavy quad base movements and light ham movements
    (heavy squats, medium SLDL)

    day two
    Light Quad and heavy ham movements
    (heavy deadlifts Medium squats)

    something along the lines of that
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