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Thread: Why do you lift ?

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    Wannabebig New Member
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    Why do you lift ?

    I was on another forum and wrote that I dont really enjoy lifting I just enjoy being big . I dont really lift to be healthy just to look good , I'm shallow .

    Do you guys lift to be healthy , do you enjoy it ? Do you mostly lift to be big ?
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    hmm good question. I enjoy lifting, i like being stronger and more powerful, but the main reason is i just wanna get huge.
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    doing squats in the curl rack
    At first I just wanted to be a normal size (I used to be very, very skinny and weak). Now I want to be gigantic.

    I stay with lifting because my body is something I'm with for the rest of my life, I'd prefer it to be a large, sexy one.

    Also, nothing can compare to the feeling after a solid set of deadlifts or squats
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    I lift because I love progression, I like to see tangible gains from a self-inflicted program. I like to be the smartest person in the room, ergo, I try to read a lot, write a lot, study a lot. I want to be the strongest person in the room -- I lift. I enjoy seeing the progression of the consequence(s) of my action; it's sort of an objectivist view, I suppose.

    It's also a very good long term helth investment. We all know the stats about losing muscle mass as you grow older, the positive net gains for other health related reasons.

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    I love the thought that when life calls upon me to move explosively, forcefully and with brute strength I can do it, no questions asked.

    That's why I lift. Looking good naked means nothing to me. I'm married.
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    I lift for myself and no one else.

    I enjoy the way it makes ME feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonl
    I lift for myself and no one else.

    I enjoy the way it makes ME feel.
    Me too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maki Riddington
    That's why I lift. Looking good naked means nothing to me. I'm married.
    lol, that's awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maki Riddington
    That's why I lift. Looking good naked means nothing to me. I'm married.

    That's a great line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maki Riddington
    That's why I lift. Looking good naked means nothing to me. I'm married.
    I bet your wife disagrees 100%.
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    I lift for ME. No one else. Plus my temper is absolutely horrible when I get hit. I try to kill ppl lol other than that I'm nice . So I like the idea that I can back up ferocity with lots of brute power. Also, since most ppl fail to realize half the fight is rage and think it's all size, to their little minds, they don't want to test theirs against mine. This isn't a gentle world, so it's comforting to know I can hold my own. Plus lifting is such a rush, watching yourself improve because YOU worked your ass of and will do it again and again and again. Whew, that was kinda windy.
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    OT -- Cheney told Patrick Leahy that, not Ted Kennedy.

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    TO, Canada
    I'm with Jason as well.

    I also lift to be able to fight better, since I do martial arts. The strength is applicable to moving stuff around the house, possible self-defense, and sports. I DID lift to gain size, as I gained 37.5 lbs in 11 months in 2003 but that isn't my goal right now. I lift now to heal my old creaky joints and for strength.

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    The only place where you can mix Alcohol and Live Ammunition and its called a "Family Outing", Texas
    i like being big and strong and being called swole
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    Wrestling is what got me into it, but now its aswell for my confidence, appearance, and health.
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    I'm preparing to become a super hero in a fictitious city.

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    I am vain. Plus, its fun! Diet isnt fun though, so Im kinda slack on that
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    I lift, therefore I am...
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    250 10% One day...

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    I lift so that I can kill with my bare hands.
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    I lift for football.
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    Because I love the look of a huge body!!!1

    Here's how I want to look when it's all said an done, maybe a little bigger..

    No not styvester..
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    Self Improvement is like masturbation. It feels so good you want to do it all the time.

    Nothing beats the feeling of beating a PR, or walking out of the gym after a kickass workout.
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    Down with the Sickness
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    I lift because i like the pain

    I lift because i like the natural high or what i like to call "the zone" where you are in the middle of a lift and you can't hear anything around you, you are just intensly focused on what you are lifting or doing at that time.

    I lift because i like to look good naked

    I lift because i like to be strong and keep working to be stronger

    I lift because i like the compliments i get from other people

    I lift because i believe you can find what your made of and find out how much you can tolerate and find out if you can keep pushing even though it seems impossible to finsh

    I lift because i love that nausea you get when you squat

    I lift because i love being around other people who have goals to become better, stronger faster etc etc

    I lift for me, no one else but me, and i only try and achieve better than my last set progressing each and every time.


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