I’m confused when/how much/what kind of protein drink I should be taking on my workout days. There’s so much info out there, but I just get more confused by reading more and more of it, because there’re so many different opinions.

Here’s my post where you can see where I’m with my eating plan.
Currently I only drink one protein drink every morning.

Should I be drinking one whey protein drink immediately after a work out, before a work out? Should be just protein and water or can I add some strawberries or other berries to it? If I can how much? Is half a cap of strawberries and ¼ of a cup of raspberries too much/too little? Should I be drinking a combination of whey and casein?

Also, if I add a post workout protein drink that would add more protein into my eating plan. Does it mean that I shouldn’t be drinking a protein drink each morning? Does it mean that on the workout days (if I add a post workout protein drink) I should be eating less protein in my 6 small meals through the day?

I’m sorry to sound so confused about this…I know how to loose weight and what worked for me, but when it comes to proper nutrition and weight training to gain lean muscle I’m still learning.