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Thread: For those who drag a sled

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    For those who drag a sled

    I was wondering who does this, what your big three total is and how much you pull on the sled?
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    Anthony does it, you can check up on his training in his journal.
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    Here's my current GPP routine (been awhile since I've done it):

    squat thrusts 10x3 sets
    tire jumps 10x3 sets
    backward tire pull 85lbs x 150-200 feet
    forward tire pull 85lbs x 150-200 feet
    sandbag throws 25lbs x 10
    sandbag walks 60lbs x 150-200 feet x 2 sets
    sledgehammer VS tire 60 strikes

    You can check my journal for specific times and there's a picture of how I rigged up my GPP kit (using the tire as a sled, etc). Current stats are in my sig ... deadlift will be tested on Friday.
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