I'm not going to recapitulate in full detail my situation -- those unfamiliar with it are welcome to peruse my journal
-- but suffice to say that: A) I'm severely overtrained (am working on this, don't worry); B) am dramatically underweight (you don't even want to know my tested BF%; and C) am male, 20, and have an incredibly high metabolism/activity level.

That said, I'm trying, after a particularly hellish summer, to regain not only the weight I've lost but also my appetite. I have spent far too long starving myself, wrecking myself, ruining myself; this cannot continue; this must not continue.

My problem now is that I seem to have little appetite for food. I seem to get uncomfortably full very easily, and I find that most meals simply don't seem appetizing or appealing in any sense. I should note that, for those who are unfamiliar with my unique biology, my options are a good deal more limited than the average individual's -- I'm fatally allergic to all dairy, nut, and shellfish products, as well as to most fruits, some vegetables, and a few assorted random comestibles.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any tips on dealing with this aggravating sense of satiety?