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Thread: Lower calf stiffness

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    Lower calf stiffness

    After running today for about 6 miles my lower calfs are sore as hell.. so bad it is a pain to work lol... I stretch them before and after i run but its like the soreness is just above the ankle and works up my calf...

    I've recently started running again... Incase you didnt know... ive been bulking for a while now with hardly any cardio to keep the bulk to a maximum..

    Are my calfs sore because they arent used to running with my new body weight for like 20 - 30 minutes a go.. ?

    I used to weigh 11 stone and now im up to 12....

    any ideas or tips on how not to get so sore lol but its all good ha ha

    need water lol

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    They hurt because you havent been running for a long time, just like the first day bak to the gym after a long time. It usually hurts more than the usual. Practice more and you won't get sore

    And btw everyone gets sore after 6miles

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    Ok so you've put on weight, just started pounding your calf muscles for 6 miles, and now you have sore calf muscles... Hmmmm. What colour shirt did you wear on this run?

    Seriously though, try new trainers, and landing with a flat foot. Landing on your heel is tougher. You'll get used to it. I get it a fair bit and just ignore it (still run, play soccer) eventually it goes away. In 3 days or so.
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