It's only when working the chest that I really reach total exhaustion.
I really want to develop each area of the chest to mould it to perfection, but find the work involved almost impossible.
I'll start with push ups as a warm up. Then I'll do 4 sets of ten on the flat bench press. Already my chest feels tired, and the horror of lifting something which weighs more than you above your neck (or near enough) starts to grow. Then I'll do three sets of ten on the incline, three sets being all I can manage. By the last few reps I'm really starting to feel my pecs becoming limp and useless.
Time for the inner chest, which I consider very important for creating that ultra defined look. I use that machine where your arms start just outside your shoulders and push in till they almost touch, sorry don't know what it's called. Three sets of eight being all I can manage. Then I do the same exercise byutwith incline. By this point I'm using weights well below what I can manage. It feels light for the first few reps, but towards seven and eight, there's simply no strength left.
I finish up with dumbell flys, again using lighter weights because of exhaustion.
I've omitted decline bench press from my workout, because I simply wouldn't have the strength. There's not even any strength left for tricep work.
I want to have an even more complete chest workout, but feel like I'm phyisically unable. I don't feel this with back or legs, there always seems to be strength left with them (of course I become exhausted, but just about manage to bust out those last sets). But with my chest I feel like I'm becoming exhausted way too early.
Anyone know hat I'm on about?