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Thread: Compound Workout... Thoughts on routine?

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    Compound Workout... Thoughts on routine?

    I have been working out for about 2-3 years now, with a good amount of growth. I have been using HST for a little over a year with nice results. I am now wanting to switch it up a little.

    I was curious on some opinions on a compound workout.

    Mainly focusing on squat, dips/bench, and rows/chins.

    Just curious as to a rough amount of each I should do, how many reps, how often, and how to train.

    For example should I do:

    5x 6-8 Squat
    5x 6-8 Dips (Weighted)
    5x 6-8 Rows

    Three times a week all in the same day or should I have each on its on day.

    If anybody has a nice compound workout they would like to post, go ahead.

    I am looking for some thoughts on this style training and if it will give me some nice gains compared to doing a basic 3 day split using both compound and isolation.

    Also, after the workout I plan to add in maybe a slight amount of direct work if I feel the compound did not work a certain group hard enough (Bis for example).


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    3 times a week, all three would be a pretty good program. Maybe alternate a squat/dip/row day with a dead/bench/pullup day. The sets/reps look good.

    With good diet, it would be an awesome routine to put on mass. Damn, it sounds so good I might try it for a month.

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    how about military press for shoulders?

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    I am thinking that with some incline bench, dips, and rows... I should hit my shoulders pretty good.

    I just finished working out and it felt good. Here is what I did tonight:

    5x Squat (8 Reps)
    4x Rows (8-10 Reps)
    2x Weighted Dips (8 Reps)
    1x Flat DB Press (10 Reps)
    1x Incline DB Press (6 Reps)

    I feel good. It seems my entire body got a good workout. My entire body aches (that good workout feeling), including my bis/tris, and even my calves.

    I would have done another set or two of back/chest but I didn't get much rest last night and I am about to die.

    Keep up with the thoughts on the workout. I would like to hear some more opinions.


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