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Thread: do you burn more cal if youre fat?

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    do you burn more cal if youre fat?

    to my understanding your body just burns a certain amount of cal and it doesnt change. it will always burn X amount of cal in one day unless you do sports, weights, etc. the only way to burn more cal is to get more muscles is my understanding. so heres my question.

    im currently 155 pounds and about 15% body fat. lets say i dropped to 140 pounds and became 7% body fat. i have the same amount of muscle. would i burn the same amount of calories?

    the reason i ask is because i heard the fatter you are the more cals you burn. now of course if youre fatter youre lifting more weight when you move around so you burn more cal. but i heard theres more to it than that. is this true???

    i know this question is confusing so if you dont understand something please ask. ive been meaning to ask this for a long time but i was too lazy because of the complicating subject matter. thx.

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    Only muscle burns fat (well, maybe the brain too if you're in ketosis). You don't burn more calories the more you weigh unless that extra weight is muscle. Only muscle burns fat.

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    Wha? Muscles burn calories, not fat....when you're in a caloric deficit your body utilizes fat in order to supply the energy needed. So yes, if you add 10 lbs of fat to your body, you'll require more calories to sustain that weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by T_Chapman
    im currently 155 pounds and about 15% body fat. lets say i dropped to 140 pounds and became 7% body fat. i have the same amount of muscle. would i burn the same amount of calories?
    No. You would burn less calories. Fat does not burn calories but carrying extra fat requires the body to expend more energy to carry it. If you are carrying less fat, your body doesn't work as hard to move around.

    Contrary to popular belief, fatter people do burn more calories than the average person because they have to work harder to move around. Of course they are eating more than the average person so it balances out and they stay fat.
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    Yeah, hugely obese individuals can burn more calories just walking normally in comparison to your average joe...all that effort...what a waste. I believe overly large people should expend that energy going to the gym, rather then expending it on going to the freezer to eat an entire carton of ice cream...just a thought...
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    ditto to home yield
    my exprience - joined gym 10 years ago, 6 1/2 years hard weight training exprience.

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    I am going to make an assumption:

    You are not on your feet all day, up and down, moving all around.

    In the overall scheme of things, although the extra weight is causing you to burn a little more WHILE MOVING, since it is fat(and only 15 lbs of it) the extra calories burned is small IMO.

    Once you are at rest the extra fat on your body does practically NOTHING.

    Your existing muscle mass and the accelerated metabolism that goes with it, is what is eating up the bulk of your calories while at rest and between workouts.
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    If two people have the same bodyweight (say 200 lbs) but one person is only 10% BF and the other is say 20% BF, and everything else between the two is equal, the person who is only 10% would burn more calories. But if a person dropped from 20% bodyfat down to 10% bodyfat (so he lost weight) but didn't gain muscle to keep his bodyweight close to the same level, then he would burn fewer calories.
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    I think it's more related to metabolism than the fat you carry. If you drop 10lbs of fat, you'll use less calories moving the same amount. But you'll also probably move around more often.

    Imagine the fat person sitting on the couch, he burns 3x the calories dragging himself to the kitchen to get food. The same person when thin is 3x more likely to bother to get off the couch.

    That said, I find it a lot easier to lose fat when I have higher %BF after a bulk. I feel there's a definate genetic "ideal BF" your body likes. So I'm waiting for my metabolism to increase with muscle mass, and hope that it just prefers a lower BF in the future... Can anyone agree? Does cutting get easier with each cycle?
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    oh i see.

    its because i see people who are kinda chubby... but they never lose or gain any weight. so i was thinking "cant they just work their butts off for a month so they lose 20 pounds and look good and then eat like theyre doing now?" that way they dont change their diets and they look the same. why eat 3000 calories a day and be 180 pounds when you can weight 150 and eat the same amount? do you know what im saying??

    thats why i asked. some people get to a point where although they dont change their eating habits they just stop gaining fat. so i was thinking "maybe fat cells help burn fat..." i didnt think having 20 pounds more fat on you would really make that much more difference when it comes to burning calories. i thought there was more to it than that... thx for clearing everything up though.


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