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Thread: Tips for keeping the back straight during deadlifts ?

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    Tips for keeping the back straight during deadlifts ?

    Hi guys,

    I am having a problem keeping my back straight during the intial "lifting" phase of the deadlift. I was wondering if anyone had any info/"mind queues"/tips etc, for keeping the back straight? generally, I try and stick my ass out as far as possible before doing the lift.

    Also, do you think it would be beneficial for the barbell to be "higher" off the ground, say in a rack/stands ?


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    Unless you're extremely tall, I would say no to putting it on the rack. I'm six foot, three inches and I don't use the rack. If you are really tall, this might be part of your problem with keeping your back straight.

    As for other advice, here's a link to a men's health page:

    There's a video there that shows proper deadlift form*.

    *Here we go....

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    Chin up, ass down*, think hips, drive your heels through the ground.
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    Here's a tip, don't deadlift facing a mirror.

    If you do, you will watch yourself. If you are watching yourself, then your head isn't high enough. Get your head up. Ram it into the back of your traps, roll your eyes back in your head for what it's worth. This goes for squats too. Mirrors are a curse when working on form. Your body follows your head's lead, so if it's not looking up, you are probably not having a straight or arched back.

    Also, before you start your pull, take your deep breath when you are already at the bottom of the lift, and get your chest way out there.
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    Thanks guys. this really helps.


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