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Thread: Safety in the Gym

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    Safety in the Gym

    I lost my workout partner, i live in a remote town in northern canada, and I haven't been able to find another person interested in weight training.

    Are there any resources available that would show how to train effectively, without the assistance of a training partner/buddy?

    Also, any thoughts anyone has on maintaining individual motivation and goals without having a training buddy to kickstart you when you need it would be helpful.

    Love the site.

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    I've sound this site to be good as far as mechanics of the exersices: I've kept a log to help track my progress and a journal on the site to get input and motivation from the members.

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    A power rack is the best spotter you'll ever have. You'll also be able to get through workouts much faster. Training without a partner is a plus, in my book.


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