Hey guys,
I'm starting a new workout program and I can't figure out what would be the best time to add cardio. I'm doing a simple split:

Monday: Chest/tris
Wednesday: Back/Biceps
Friday: Legs/shoulders

I'd like to do at least 3 days of cardio a week (actually I'd like to do more but I'll settle for 3). I do cardio both for the health benefits and because I enjoy it, so please don't just say not to do cardio. However, my goal is to slowly put on muscle, so I want to place "priority" on my lifting sessions. Also, my cardio is usually roughly 1 hour of biking at moderately high intensity (I would prefer to keep it this way, too because I enjoy it. I'm not really interested in HIIT unless there's no alternative). OK, here's my dillema: I can't do cardio on lifting days because 1 hour of cardio after lifting would pretty much wipe out (or at least hamper) my gains, and I don't have enough time to lift in the morning and do cardio at night. That leaves tuesday, thursday, and saturday for cardio assuming that sunday is a complete rest day. But I have been told not to do cardio the day before doing legs because it will tire them out, and I've also been told not to do it the day after because it's kind of like working them two days in a row. So where do I put cardio then? Does anyone have any suggestsions or dould you tell me what you guys do?

Thanks a lot,