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Thread: Will eating only 3 meals a day hinder my progress?

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    Will eating only 3 meals a day hinder my progress?

    I just moved back to college and eat lunch and dinner in the dining halls. It is all you can eat and I can always get food good for BBing (turkey, chicken, milk, eggs, etc.) so I don't have any problem getting the required number of cals or grams of protein per day. I eat an MRP with milk for breakfast, and have 1 scoop of whey PWO and also 2 scoops mid afternoon. Previously I ate 6 meals per day totalling the same number of calories. I have heard that eating several meals is preferrable to a few large ones, but I don't know how much of a difference it makes. Does anyone else here get the majority of their cals from 3 main meals per day? Does it really make a big difference how many meals your calories are spread out over, other than just the trouble of having to eat so much food in one sitting?
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