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Thread: Help me cut back...please!

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    Help me cut back...please!

    I've tried the WBB routines and just don't feel like they are long enough. I know I need to change this. I would have just posted this stuff in the journal forum since that is probably where it belongs, but I have mine all consolidated on my web space to make it easier to read all at once and see my gains etc.

    So what I am asking is please guide me as to what/how much to cut back on when I lift, seeing as how I am usually there for like 1.5-2 hours at least each time (which I know is not good).

    What exercises should I cut out of my routine? Are there obvious important exercises that I am missing? I know I should probably incorporate deads, but are they that important? I worry about my lower back when I do those.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    I'd advise you to do WBB #1. if you feel its to short add 2-4 extra sets per day.
    No need to be in the gym more than an hour.

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    deads are definitely important. im a strong believer that they make a man outta you.

    maybe you feel the need to workout longer because you arent straining yourself enough during your workout. try going heavier so that itll be harder and more intense so you wont feel the need to do more since youll be dead tireed. dunno... just a suggestion.

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    1. I really like the format of your journal.
    2. I am no expert - at all.
    3. I would recommend that you keep pretty much all of your exercises, but on any one day reduce the number of them that target the same muscles. For example, one week you would do wide lat pull downs, the next you would do narrow.
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