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Thread: muscles feel softer and smaller in the morning, anyone else get this?

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    muscles feel softer and smaller in the morning, anyone else get this?

    Right when I wake up until about midday or sometimes even midafternoon, my muscles feel soft and I definitely feel smaller. About the only thing that looks better in the morning are my abs. Does anyone else experience this? Does it have something to do with what I am eating (or not eating) or is it unavoidable?

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    Could be water retention? Not quite sure about this, but its an idea. You're body becomes more dehydrated first thing in the morning, so that may be it.
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    thats rather weird, in the morning I feel most of the time opposite of what you feel, it could be water, your body does secrete sweat during sleep to keep your bodys temperature regulated. Drink more water. The softness or hardness of your muscle can be changed. The lower the reps are the more dense and thick your muscles become. Mix in one set of like 3-5. Whenever I would go from bb back to powerlifting for a while I would feel my muscles get extremely more thick and harder.


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