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Thread: Wearing the shoulders back

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    Wearing the shoulders back

    Just curious about how one should position their shoulders normally, and whether there is a way of having them back permanently.
    What I mean by having them back is where the shoulders move back to make your back flat or concave, as opposed to rounded. This gives more definition between the traps and the shoulders, and just looks better. When I properly relax my shoulders go in slightly towards my chest, but most of the time I pull them backwards.
    Is there a way of having them back permanently, or is that just a pose?
    Does anyone have the slightest clue what I'm talking about?

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    Don't slouch, situp and stand up straight. Good posture is what it's called.
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    Strengthen those upper back muscles man. Really squeeze those shoulder blades together when rowing.

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    Yes, adding strength (mass) to your back will improve your posture.
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    Add more strength to traps (seated rows, low-lat pulldowns, deads) + plain and simple hold your shoulders back and it should become natural.
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