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Thread: pulled/strained?

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    I have been having trouble lately with my biceps get pulled or strained. When i extend my arm as if i were doing a dumbell kick back it feels like it is going to snap. then if i put my arm straight then take it and move it like back towards my back i can feel it like almost want to rip or something. It almost has to be a problem with not stretching it. Does anybody know any good stretches for the biceps area? or could there be another possible problem with it besides it needs to be stretch?

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    bicep stretch:Place your arm straight against a wall with your palm facing the wall.With your body close to the wall slowly turn your body away from it keeping the arm and bicep in contact with the wall a good stretch for the biceps!

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    Although I can't really give you a diagnosis, I can share with you what I've done for a pulled tricep recently. A couple months ago, I strained my right tricep tendon, near the elbow. Since then, I've trained tris with very light weights and many warm-up sets, up until a few weeks ago, when I've been able to start training heavy again. I used very light weights and concentrated 100% on form, and was still able to get good pumps during that time. I maintained most of my tricep mass too, which is always tough when battling a pull/strain. After every workout, I'd ice it for 20 minutes and take 400-600mg Ibuprofen to prevent any inflammation that could occur following a workout.

    It's usually a bad idea to stretch a cold muscle, especially with a pull/strain, so do your stretching at the end of a workout, when the muscle is fully warmed up.

    If you have a pulled muscle and are not willing to rest it, you need to swallow your pride for a while and use weights that won't stress it too much.
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    About a month ago i was arm wrestling and hurt my elbow. Like a hardcore lifter /dumbass, i went ahead and lifted anyways the next day. Both elbows got messed up and i stayed off them for a week, however, when i work my arms, my elbows tend to get real sore during and afterwords for about a day. I know that legiments take longer to build than bigger muscles but are they just growing or am i shanking them each time i lift?
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    sucks how arm wrestlin messes up ur arms. i used to be king at that now armwrestle once and im out 3 weeks


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